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Full Name - Job Title
1. Off-Site Training Workshops – This training option will bring GHCCA directly to your center!  This option offers1- 4 clock hours of led time.  We design training packages to help meet your individual needs. 
2.Training Workshops – GHCCA various workshops throughout the year. We provide 1-4 clock hours of here at our facility. (Click on upcoming Training Classes for of classes)
3Pre-Service Training – This course offers 24 clock hours of time divided into 3 training sessions. This course covers learning objectives set forth by of Family and Protective Services.
4. Childcare Administrator's Credential Course- This course is approved by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services. Upon it will allow you to become a Director of a Licensed Childcare Center or Licensed Childcare Home. 
5. CDA Training Course- This course is offered over 6-8 weeks (Click on Earn a CDA for details)